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Sharing the Art and Intention of Service


who we are

Meet our Founder

An educator by trade and a socially expressive human by heart, Amanda built The Complement from a desire to share her belief that the heart of every transaction (monetary or not) requires a genuine relationship. Amanda’s mission is to teach the skills that translate this belief into action, and create more engaging environments in the world of retail and customer experience.


 com·ple·ment (noun)

/ something that completes or brings improvement. 

// something that contributes extra features to something else in such a way as to improve or emphasize its quality. 

/// something that fills up, completes, or makes better.


our philosophy & Purpose

You need an ally, a sounding board, an expert, an educator, a shoulder, a cheerleader (and sometimes a cocktail). Meet your Complement.

We want people to feel empowered and think differently about the service, sales, and retail professions. By offering a positive perspective on the service industry and its importance to everyday life, want challenge brands to think about the why and the how behind the services and products they provide. With a focus on providing people with a renewed sense of confidence, we teach with energy, soul, and root our training in your values to customize the way we complement your brand.

Based in a belief that thinking beyond B2B and B2C, and focusing on H2H (human to human), we help teams foster genuine connections and build meaningful relationships within the team and with customers. Learn more about our services here.