Interview Questions to Create Conversations

Soft skills are human skills. Providing a service or a product in a meaningful way requires a human connection - even online! Engaging with others, reading body language, making thoughtful decisions and active listening are hard skills to find, and even harder to identify in a short period of time. Often, we ask interview questions about previous experience and about job-specific skills, instead of learning about general behaviours and disposition. By asking better questions and digging into specific scenarios, we can tap into past experiences of others, and use this information to understand the type of person we are working with and how they can support our team’s mission. Engaging job candidates in meaningful conversation will help you determine if they are up to the task of being a brand advocate.

Download and use these interview questions to make the most of interviewing. Remember, you can train for the technical skills, so hire for the human skills.


If you’re unsure of your business values and what you should be hiring for, reach out, and we can work together to learn what your team really needs.

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