What We Do


We complement your business.

The Complement works to complement any retail business or service provider on the journey to ‘wow-ing’ customers. We work with you to define your values and then find creative ways to sprinkle them throughout every element of the customer journey.

With a focus on ongoing team building and training, we foster authentic human connections with the people on your team to inspire growth, pride in their work and the brand, and sharing this experience with your customers.



Confidence with Customer


Confidence with customers comes from knowing your brand values and demonstrating these values to the people around you. The Complement works with your team to determine the brand values and then work together on how to build meaningful and long lasting relationships with your clients.

Some examples of topics and activities include:

  • Defining your brand values and setting intentions for growth

  • Dreaming of the ten-star experience

  • Turning customers into brand ambassadors


Thoughtful Selling Strategies for your Brand


Everyone dreads the ‘pushy’ salesperson, and nobody wants to be one. By reframing ‘pushy sales’ and instead, consider how we ‘pull’ customers towards our brand, message, service and product, we work together to differentiate between sleaze and sales.

Some examples of topics and activities include:

  • Information gathering using open ended questions

  • Identifying and sharing features and benefits

  • Planting the seed of add ons (without fear or guilt)


Mastering Thoughtful Merchandising


Encouraging your customers to feel comfortable, safe and inspired to spend time in your space can be achieved through thoughtfully displaying your products and signage. By first working together to label what differentiates your brand from the rest, we then work together to talk through some primary merchandising tips and techniques and apply the theory to your space for your customer.

Some examples of topics and activities include:

  • Crafting complementary displays

  • Using counter space effectively

  • Telling a story using your products, space, and signage


Styling with


As you advertise your brand to the world, whether that be in print, online, by social media or all of the above, having a thoughtfully styled campaign elevates the look and feel of your brand. By choosing and styling clothing and scenes with a focus on your message and what you want to achieve, we take care of sourcing clothing and accessories, plus, steam, dress, and style on set.

Some examples of styled campaigns include:


Let's make it official: we'll connect and discuss how we can complement your business, your team, and your customers.