We practice what we preach.

The biggest compliment to The Complement is to hear “you’re part of our team”. We work together with your vision and values, and with your permission and acceptance, envelope our brand within yours to truly complement each other.


“Thank you for today Amanda. I mean it was sales training and counselling and I had some real heart-to-heart moments with my staff...like I need a bowl of meatballs and an ice-cream cone afterward! You KNOCKED it outta the ballpark. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so so much.”

– Sina Zere, Chief Waxpert and CEO from Buff Wax Spot

 “A client said no to re-booking...I told him to hold on, checked with ‘Nancee and came back to him and said "Nancee wants to see you in 4 weeks. I can book you in the 10th or 12th.’

He booked in for the 11th. BOOM. The girls can't believe this is working.”

– Sina Zere, Chief Waxpert and CEO from Buff Wax Spot

 “Amanda has never liked to be referred to as a ‘sales person’. Perhaps it gave the tone of someone who is simply responsible for handing a product to a customer. Instead, Amanda has applied her background as an educator to pioneer an approach of listening to her customers, educating them on possible solutions, and helping them make the best decisions. Her approach is truly consultative and allows her to create genuine, lasting, relationships with her customers. Amanda pours herself into whatever project she is working on. With Amanda, you'll find a strong and constant partner in your business success!”


“I invited a guest to our next session, the CFO of the company. He's a wonderful man and is totally flabbergasted by dramatic increase in sales following your sessions. I told him he had to come in and see the magic for himself.”

– Sina Zere, Chief Waxpert and CEO from Buff Wax Spot